Introduction of Finhou project - We24h company

Finhou is a solution to connect rental real estate transactions of We24h

Finhou - Real Estate Rental Exchange 4.0

What made the success of a technology starup in the 4.0 technology era and the reason of Finhou's birth?

Finhou was born to solve 4 problems and carries 4 main advantages

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We24h company and Finhou solution

We24h company was founded to solve the problem of renting and leasing using smart traps in the 4.0 era.

Finhou real estate transaction platform for rent and lease 4.0

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Where does Finhou's main sales come from?

The main revenue source of Finhou real estate technology leasing and leasing application. We have the following main sources of revenue:

The First: The revenue coming from% for fee on 1 transaction is 30% for the lessor. As in the market, the cost usually goes up to 100% and with the cost 30%.

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Vision, mission, core values Finhou

Finhou's vision, mission and core values and We24h company. In this video, I'll introduce you to

Vision: what Finhou company and team are pursuing and committing to do; mission: what Finhou is proud to bring in the heart of motivation to push Finhou through difficulties and challenges ...

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Social issues in the field of rent - lease

What is the common problem in the real estate rental and rental market in Vietnam as well as globally? I will divide the problem into 4 groups with 4 different subjects.

The first problem is a general problem: In the traditional Vietnamese exchanges or solutions, they are still traditional news sites and there is no clear and transparent online payment transaction.

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Difference featured Finhou than compared to rental-leasing platforms

Some of Finhou's striking differences from the prevailing rental and rental technology exchanges in the field of real estate in Vietnam and International are prevailing.

Some other special implementations are that we will share privately with strategic shareholders in special meetings of strategic shareholders and founding teams.

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How do users make transactions and pay via Finhou

How will the lessee and lessor make payments on Finhou's technology and application platform? This is a very relevant question, because one of Finhou's main sources of revenue comes from making transactions between lessees and lessors.

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Finhou's capital raising strategy

In this video, I will talk to you about finhou's calling cycles and funding strategies within 1 year from 8/2019 - 8/2020 through fundraising.

In these five rounds of fundraising, the purpose of each round of fundraising, the results that we achieve in terms of business and the value to bring to the corresponding society and how the investors will gain.

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Details of the first round of funding

In this short video, I will share with you about the first round of fundraising, reasons, interests of strategic shareholders, criteria and number of calls.

We hope to have a partner who will accompany us and build a big picture when we are willing to share with our partners the benefits like a founding shareholder in phase 1. .

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Chatting with strategic shareholder Doan Kim Hung

Hi Hung! Today I am very happy that you took some time to visit Finhou's office and as one of the first strategic shareholders in the first phase, you can share a little about your feelings and ideas about the project. This and his decision to become a strategic shareholder quickly and aggressively is not it?

Indeed, as soon as he knew the project from the beginning, but he also saw the potential to develop and it also solves the problems of the current society that apply technology as well as his use of uber, grap, helps connect the lessors and renters quickly, saving time.

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Suitable audience as collaborators

These objects suitable to collaborator willing to learn and study the training process to become one worker experience methodical worker.

In this video, I will share with you the suitable criteria to be a collaborator with the finhou system - real estate trading floor renting and leasing 4.0 with 3 suitable subjects to be collaborators with the system finhou.

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Benefits of collaborators Finhou

When participating in the finhou system, you have 3 main benefits and 1 special benefit in the first phase of the project.

At this time, when being a collaborator on the system, you will have the opportunity to build yourself a set of rental and rental data there that will give you a sustainable passive income stream and growth of real estate.

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