WE24H has studied your problem very closely

And offer solutions


After only 3 clicks, you have completed the real estate transaction

  • Guaranteed online transactions
  • Electronic contract
  • Smart search
  • Tools Property Management
  • Book a rental schedule


Helping the fastest connection between the tenant and lease


Help connect between people in need and people can rent real estate for rent


With just 3 clicks, the person who needs to rent can complete the order

Reduce costs

The system helps real estate owners save real estate costs when the property is not rented


The system uses technology 4.0:Simulation by 360 degree, 3D; electronic contract.


Provide appropriate management functions and optimize the owner to manage the property in the most convenient way


Renters can rent rooms easily, without spending time and effort to see each room.

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Finhou.com - Rent after 3 clicks - Real Estate Rental 4.0
Finhou - Rental & Leasing Solutions Technology 4.0

Kenny Trong

Founder - CTO

He is a technology engineer with more than 10 years of experience in developing and operating large information technology projects.

Achieve certification technologies: Microsoft, IBM, Oracle

Successfully started a number of technology projects

Consulting solutions and deploying for many successful technology startup partners

Finhou.com is the system that I have cherished for nearly a year and now is the best time to hit the market.

An Hannah

Co-founder - CEO

The king of strategy - creative and realistic CEO

Having more than 10 years of experience and 4 years as CEO for businesses, 2 years as Sales Director of Ceolead

She is a coaching personal finance

Builting a system of thousands of business people and helped tens of thousands of people change their minds and business knowledge