The difficulties of real estate owners

Property owners still use the traditional rental method, resulting in:


When a real estate owner wants to post a rental for traditional apps, they have to post it many times but it may not be effective, it takes a lot of time, effort and cost for you to manage..


The low-end segment (rooms from 1 million to 5 million), the rate of empty room from 5 to 20%, for the middle and high-end segment (over 5 million) will be from 20 - 30%, so will lead to a waste of real estate.

Do not reach the target customers

Because real estate owners use manual methods, whether by word of mouth or posting on media sites, it is impossible to best reach the target customers.

Real estate management using manual method

The manual method is to directly collect the rent, electricity, water, etc. in cash; and time consuming, money to find new tenants -> time consuming

Benefits that property owners receive after using the Finhou system

The Finho system uses the Affiliate model, so real estate owners can also earn money by referring other members to the system.

In addition, real estate owners receive the following benefits:

  • Helping property owners avoid wasting real estate
  • Conducting online transactions and online payment transactions is very reputable and transparent
  • Real estate owners will be able to manage their properties in the most convenient way, saving time and effort with the optimal management function that Finhou system offers: prompting the rent payment schedule and managing the property completely. cash flow as well as rental performance of the house and asset management in the house
  • With only VND 100,000, real estate owners can easily find customers, save time, reduce gender costs