The problem of tenants

Most people who want to rent a room have a lot of difficulties, spending time and money to find the best rooms.

The first difficulty

The fact that there is a lot of duplication of information on the communication application pages, leads to tenants not being able to determine which is the landlord or who is a mover -> can earn money to pay for the motto.

The second difficulty

There is no detailed picture of the house (or room), it is unknown whether the house is rented -> The tenant has to spend time and effort to come to the house to authenticate and decide whether to rent or not..

The third difficulty

Websites looking for rooms, finding houses difficult to use, information posted is not sufficient, accuracy is not high, spam -> makes it difficult to find rooms, find houses of tenants.

The benefits that tenants receive after using the Finhou system

  • About the price: tenants will be assured of being accurately quoted with a suitable price in the market and the lessor will be advised of the price through smart pricing.
  • Just 100,000 VND, tenants easily find the right home, suitable after 3 mouse clicks because Finhou system will display the most authentic images of the house, the tenant does not need to come directly to the home to authenticate
  • The tenant will get ...% Affililate money when referring members to use the system
  • Allow tenants to book in advance to reduce the time to find rooms, and can find the best room